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The building known as the Granary is well over 200 years old. It has a checkered career during its existence but it is indeed a neo classic building that started off its life as Customs House The Old Granary Building on Buitenkant Street in Cape Town, South Africa, is considered one of the most important architectural buildings in the city.

It was designed by French born South African architect and engineer Louis Michel Thibault, who was responsible for a number of Cape Town's neo-classical buildings. It was built in 1814 and was one of the last buildings he collaborated on, with architect Herman Shutte and sculptor Anton Anreith, before his death from pneumonia in 1815. The building housed the Customs house of the Cape Colony during the British rule. The building also housed the Old Post Office and around 1862 it was the Civil Engineers' Office.

This building was transfered to the City of Cape Town approximately 15 years ago. from the Public Works Dept. Cape Town City Council realised that they had inherited a lemon, and in a responsible fashion they have attempted to find suitable "cultural" activities to suit the building to service the public of the Province. They drew up stringent rules etc. and a couple of organisations have had control of this building, but none have ever lived up to the expectation, to raise the funding to bring the building up to par. In fact, irresponsibly they were given the building on an emotive appeal, as opposed to a solid proposal, hence the continued decline of the building.

· Old Granary wall crumbles - 14/07/2007
A big chunk of wall has fallen off the Old Granary, one of Cape Town's Oldest historic buildings and badly in need of repair.

· CT is an investment yardstick - 30/12/2001
The Cape Town CBD is fast becoming the countrywide benchmark for successful urban investment, with the R2 billion level for new investments in 2001 having just been reached.

A view of the collapsed wall taken by Andrew Brown.
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